Alphega Pharmacy shows how getting closer to customers is key  

Alphega Pharmacy, the pan-European network of independent pharmacists which operates in association with Alliance Healthcare, has successfully piloted a Consumer Closeness training program with its member pharmacies in Italy, France and Spain. 

The pilot, which was launched across 50 pharmacies in France, forms part of a wider change program which has been developed by psychologists and aims to help pharmacists get closer to their customers by having a deeper and more meaningful conversation with them.

To increase the effectiveness of the training even further by providing real-life examples, Alphega partnered with Procter & Gamble (P&G) to launch a cross-selling module on oral care. The module encouraged pharmacists to practice their consumer closeness skills with their oral care customers, building their confidence to recommend the category and provide more holistic advice and solutions.

Following the training, pharmacists were encouraged to try out their newly developed consumer closeness skills with their oral customers. The results of the pilot revealed that the pharmacies taking part demonstrated a significant increase in product sales and average basket size. 

Following the success of the pilot, the Consumer Closeness program, which aims to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to the local pharmacy, will be rolled out to more pharmacy members in France, Spain and Italy.